Fast Electrical is the trusted electrician in Epping with years of extensive experience in the industry.

How can an Electrician in Epping Bring Spark to your Life?

Back in 1878 Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, and brought electrical illumination to the world – and if you live in the northern growth corridor, that ground-breaking technology is now delivered by a trusted local electrician in Epping.

Fast Electrical is the company name and it’s true to the service – an expert sparky who can get the job done quick when you need an electrician in Epping who’s switched on to provide every type of electrical service. 

With a decade of experience, we’re building on Edison’s light bulb revolution with electrical innovation for the modern lifestyle – connecting you with tradies who can wire you for light, sound, climate control, heating and cooling, and home automation.

Call an EE – short for Electrician Epping

Fast Electrical are the EE specialists for an electrician in Epping. It also means End to End solution which takes you from idea to installation. And when things go wrong Fast Electrical can provide you the ultimate EE –  an Express Examination of the electrical work required so you can stop guessing.

So, whatever side of the Pacific Epping Shopping Centre you live on, leave it to an experienced electrician in Epping to find out what’s going on – is it broken, can it be fixed, how can I get better efficiency in the age of rising electricity costs?


An electrician in Epping can install all manner of lights – from stunning new feature pendants on a staircase to swapping out energy hungry old light bulbs and florescent tubes with energy efficient LED which last for up to 50,000 hours.


Need a power set up fast? Of course, you do. Housing development in the northern suburbs is booming with strong demand in Melbourne’s outer ring boosting property growth across the City of Whittlesea. If you’re building a new home, we know how important it is to get power in place so you can move in. For power points, dedicated circuits and waterproof outlets for the garage, shed or pergola, there’s an electrician in Epping that can plug you in.


You can talk through the benefits of home automation with an electrician in Epping, who can explain how to gain centralised control of your lighting, heating, cooling and security – smart solutions which you can operate remotely via your phone or computer. While it might be tempting to organise smart home functionality yourself, a professional might save you headaches down the track. Having Ring video doorbell security and Google Home to answer your questions isn’t quite the same as developing a reliable smart home system that has all your appliances working in synch.


Sometimes, the right lighting can turn a house into a home. Light up your outdoor living space with decorative feature lights, garden flood lights, or the romance of overhead heating for winter. Consider dimmable light switches to let you control mood at night. Who said tradies aren’t romantic? They don’t call us sparkies for nothing.


If you’re updating an older home, it’s important to factor in rewiring as an essential part of your renovation. Not only is electrical rewiring the best way to avoid a house fire, it’s also critical in bringing your switchboards and fuses up to current standards. Fast Electrical specialise in maintenance, upgrades and fault finding to pinpoint any potential hazards. Trust us to supply an electrician in Epping to test and tag appliances to ensure their safety and protect your loved ones from danger.

If you need an electrician in Epping, call Fast Electrical. Get a quote now!