LED Downlights

LED downlights use about 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent light and approximately 30% less energy than CFL lights. By reducing your energy consumption, they save you money on your power bills! LED downlights have a long lifespan (between 30,000-50,000 hours depending on the type of LED product) and reach full brightness instantly. LED downlights are also safer than halogen because LED downlights run at a lower temperature and contain no mercury or lead. They emit no UV rays or infrared radiation and are environmentally friendly – cuts greenhouse gas emissions and reduces landfill.

Pendant Light

Pendant Light – For a modern and stylish look consider installing a pendant light to update a tired interior.

Pendant light
Sensor Lights

Sensor Lights

Motion detectors can be the best and most cost-effective tool for home protection. There are many different types of motion detectors, ranging from simple motion-activated lights to passive infrared sensors that detect body heat. No matter if you’re living in a huge home with an enormous yard or a quiet little townhouse, there is a motion detector that is perfect for the area you need covered.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are ideal for backyard lighting or for lighting large area. Also known as security lights, flood lights provide the homeowner with the ability to produce large quantities of bright light without the use of expensive fixtures and numerous bulbs. Strategically placed flood lights can add hours of use to a porch, basketball hoop, or even a swimming pool. As their other name suggests, they can also provide users with an easy and affordable way to deter intruders from the home.Those in the market for flood lights must identify the desired location for the lights, consider available features, such as motion and dusk to dawn sensors, and decide on the right type of bulbs for their home.

flood lights
dimable lights

Dimmable Lights

Dimmers don’t just set the mood, they can save money too.

LED Strip Lighting

Led strip can really transform a room

LED Strip Lighting Melbourne